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Are you tired of spending hours wiping, sweeping, dusting and polishing? If you answered "yes," you're in luck. Our trusted cleaning specialists can super clean your offices for you at a price you’ll love. Years of expertise, highly trained people and a commitment to excellence make us the best cleaning service in Chicago. At Copy Cat Cleaning Services we don’t simply show up at your place and push a broom around. Our trained professionals use the best equipment to make everything we touch sparkling clean as if it were brand-new. It doesn’t matter if you need a simple cleaning job done or deep cleaning services at your business. In Chicago, we’re the ones to call when you need any type of commercial, domestic, industrial, or specialized cleaning performed. Bold, innovative leadership helped make us the cleaning service people trust and recommend to others. When you’re ready to break free from the bonds of cleaning desperation, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help! Call today! Servicing Chicagoland area since 2013, Copy Cat Cleaning Services pride ourselves with being the most reliable, trustworthy and dependable cleaning service. We pledge to provide you with the best quality cleaning, the most outstanding service and to make you an extremely satisfied customer. Our work is 100% guaranteed. We are fully insured and bonded.

Deep cleaning services

Deep Cleaning

Even with regular cleaning, a busy office environment can benefit from an occasional Deep Clean – where our dedicated cleaning professionals make your workplace the cleanest it’s ever been.

A Deep Clean goes above and beyond a ‘regular’ clean. It tackles every inch of your premises, from floor to ceiling, and leaves things absolutely immaculate.

Imagine arriving to work to find every surface spotless, all dust destroyed, all floors and windows flawless, and all grease and grime gone from the canteen. That is exactly what our Deep Cleaning teams deliver.

What Our Office Deep Clean delivers:

A CCC Deep Cleaning sees our professionals utilizing their skills and experience to deliver:

Sanitized work surfaces
We clean all desks and other work surfaces (including the ‘behind’ and ‘beneath’ parts) and remove all dust and allergens, paving the way for a more productive work area.

Flawless Floors
We vacuum carpets and use microfibre mops and/or steam cleaners to clean wooden floors and tiles. We sanitize kitchen/canteen room and toilet floors, leaving them as hygienic as can be.

Welcoming reception areas
First impressions count, and your reception area is where visitors first form their impression of your company’s premises. We make sure they are as clean and as welcoming as can be.

Immaculate canteens
A canteen or break room in an office building can often be the hardest to keep clean, but we make them good as new. We de-grease and sanitize all surfaces, clean all appliances, and make sure that the place where your workforce prepares and eats their food is healthy and hygienic.

Sparkling Toilets
We clean and sanitize toilets, wash hand basins, and other fittings, ensuring that everything sparkles brilliantly. Where necessary, we remove limescale build-up from sinks and toilets in ‘hard’ water areas.

And much more too...
Our Deep Clean doesn’t stop there, as we do much more as standard too. All over your office space, we steam-clean your air vents, clean window blinds or curtains, and much more. If your office space extends to two floors or more, we also clean your stairwells and elevators.

Our mission is to deliver the finest services in the Chicagoland area through the hiring and training of only the highest quality people available in our industry.


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